The Building at 4 Nowomiejska St.

ul. Nowomiejska 4


First information about building at Nowomiejska 4 comes from 1848. That was probably the year in which Jankiel Gutsztadt opened here a library and a bookstore that also soled used books. Later the store was moved to the building at 75 Piotrkowska Street [1]. The original wooden buildings from mid 1800s do not exist, and the area is part of a Rubinstein Passage. On Nowomiejska Street masonry buildings were erected.

The building on 4 Nowomiejska Street was build before 1895 by Izrael Cynamon.  Abram Kapłan joined him shortly after [2].


In the following years (the 19th and 20th century), four outhouses were constructed on the northern and southern parts of the property, which today extends all the way to Zachodnia Street [3].

First 3-story outhouse was built in 1896 [4]. Next one in 1898 [5]. Then, between 1900 and 1903 the existing buildings were enlarged. New outhouses and 1-story outbuildings were constructed, significantly increasing the number of apartments for rent  [6].


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Today (29.12.1989 Onwards)

In 2015, the building at 4 Nowomiejska Street was in a very bad condition



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Stamp Information

Country Polska Polska
City Lodz Lodz
Address ul. Nowomiejska 4
District City Center (Downtown)
Monument Register Number Property registered in the Histo
Architectural Style Neoclassicism
Number of Floors 2
Construction Start Around 1876
Planned Use Apartments and service premises
First Owner Israel Cynamon


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